Malini Saba donated a school addition for these young children.

United Towards the Benefit of Mankind!

Our ultimate goal is to give access to the underserved.

Our mission, unchanged since 2002, is to promote the well-being of women and children throughout the world.

People without access to good water.

Undernourished people in the world.

Children are out of school.
Help end poverty

About Anannke Foundation

Ms. Saba launches her new foundation, Anannke Foundation, to serve as the umbrella organization for all of her philanthropic works globally. The foundation’s three areas of focus are healthcare, education and human rights. Malini Saba has undertaken numerous projects previously including: partnering with Stanford Medical Center to train physicians from developing countries; distributing preventative health information on HIV/AIDS, immunizations, gastric and reproductive health; providing vocational education for women in Togo, West Africa; and supporting human rights issues around the world.

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My goal is to help one billion people around the world gain access to basic healthcare, provide education and opportunities that allow people to break the cycle of poverty, and educate people on human rights issues,” Ms. Saba says.  “These basic life necessities that many of us take for granted will empower under-served people to greatly improve their lives and their children’s lives.”

Dr. Malini Saba
Founder & Chairman
Anannke Foundation  

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