Bullying Intervention in Schools

Intervention Strategies

Bullying prevention in schools is a full-time exercise. For true change to take place, the culture of a school must be transformed. But it’s not as difficult as it sounds. With a year round bullying prevention program, clear expectations of faculty and staff and established guidelines for how to treat incidents, students and adults can be a part of a culture of caring.

Assess Bullying

Assessments—such as surveys—can help schools determine the frequency and locations of bullying behavior. They can also gauge the effectiveness of current prevention and intervention efforts. Knowing what’s going on can help school staff select appropriate prevention and response strategies.

Engage Parents & Youth

Schools can do a great deal to prevent bullying, but they can’t do it alone. Parents and youth also have a role to play in preventing bullying. One mechanism for engaging parents and youth, a school safety committee, can bring the community together to keep bullying prevention at school active.

Respond to Bullying

Stop Bullying on the Spot – When adults respond quickly and consistently to bullying behavior they send the message that it is not acceptable. Research shows this can stop bullying behavior over time. There are simple steps adults can take to stop bullying on the spot and keep kids safe.

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