Funding News

  Important funding news: We never give money to organizations to cover their administrative costs. We fund only programs. The funds MUST go directly to the program and the recipients, else we don’t fund.

Malini Saba – Keynote Speaker

Malini Saba – Keynote Speaker Chairman and Founder of Anannke Foundation Biography A successful businesswoman and philanthropist, Dr. Malini Saba has been at the forefront of women’s rights and...
Women Entrepreneurs & International Women’s Day 2019

Women Entrepreneurs & International Women’s Day 2019

1) Believe in yourself, it’s only then will others believe in you. 2) Women are born to lead. 3) Women don’t need a man to give them approval to achieve anything. We  are the only one’s that can do that for ourselves. 4) If you fail, look at it as an experience and...