Opening a summit on preventing bullying, US President Obama said he was taunted over his “big ears” and unusual name.

Barack Obama has confessed that he was bullied as a kid.

While opening a White House summit on preventing bullying,the US President said that he was taunted over his “big ears” and unusual name.

“Bullying isn’t a problem that makes headlines every day,but every day it touches the lives of people all across the country,” the Telegraph quoted Obama as saying,noting a growing movement among young people to combat youth harassment.

“If there is one goal of this conference,it is to dispel the myth that bullying is just a harmless rite of passage or an inevitable part of growing up.

“It’s not. Bullying can have destructive consequences for our young people,” he added.

Obama,who has written of his own sometimes difficult childhood in Hawaii and Indonesia,said as he opened the conference that he had experience being on the receiving end of taunts.

“As adults,we all remember what it was like to see kids picked on in the hallways or in the schoolyard.

“I have to say with big ears and the name that I have,I wasn’t immune. I didn’t emerge unscathed,” he added.