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Mother Teresa Foundation which owes legal allegiance to Mother Teresa Charitable Trust, a registered, non-profit organisation, was established in 2002 to address the development needs of the underprivileged of the country, especially the rural and urban poor. The Trust’s strategic objectives have been shaped by the Vision of St. Mother Teresa, the great legend of 19th century and “Mother” for all humans – Service to Mankind is Service to God.

Every person has a right to live life better. But when it comes to rural and urban poor, it may be tough path for them in terms of financial, social, educational and health aspects. Mother Teresa Foundation addresses this gap by undertaking appropriate support programs, initiatives and social projects that have sustainable impact and are instrumental in transforming the lives of the poor. We strive to imitate St. Mother Teresa in our programs, approach and in all the ways to make this world a better place to live in.

MTF has rendered it services to Children, Youth especially Girls, Women and Elderly in India and has touched the lives of more than 5 lakh individuals irrespective of caste, colour, religion and language in the last 18 years. We address multiple needs of the socially and economically vulnerable people by our programs, through which they have access to basic services for holistic growth. The prime aim of MTF programs seeks to rejuvenate the poor into vibrant individuals/families.

MTF seeks to empower, enable and transform communities across India, while improving the quality of life of the underprivileged, under-served and backward and laying special emphasis on women and girls through our distinctive focuses on education and health. We have further identified the potential areas within each of our broad development priorities and have dawned on focused interventions in concern areas such as basic education among the school children, higher/professional/technical/vocational education for youth, women empowerment, life skill development, physical/mental/moral/spiritual well-being of the poor, peaceful and comfort life for the elderly which happen to be national concerns of the country and furthermore a part of the country’s agenda for its Millennium Development Goal.

MTF has been working tirelessly from its formation to help thousands of the poorest people to overcome poverty, social exclusion, and mitigating circumstances to lead productive lives. It has supported them in gaining access to social and economic opportunities by facilitating linkages to educational institutions, delivery systems, and rights and entitlements. MTF engages organizations, corporations and individuals from India and globally as partners and supporters. This unique model of scaling up and sustainability ensures inclusion of last mile populations into the mainstream. Internally, MTF has evolved into a result-oriented, ethical and transparent organisation that seeks to maximise the impact of all available resources and is fully accountable to all its stakeholders.

MTF has been a catalyst in transforming the lives of the downtrodden and less fortunate people of the country through its focused efforts weaved in its social development programs for the past two decades which have been detailed below:

  • Mother Teresa AnbuIllam (Orphanage): Started in 2002 to house children who are either orphans or semi-orphans. We give free food, clothing and shelter and quality education with parental care which has been denied to them from their childhood.
  • Mother Teresa Education Program: Started in 2010 to provide full scholarship to orphans, semi-orphans, special children and children of “special needs” parents and also economically poor but academically proficient students to pursue their school and college education of their choice.
  • Career Guidance Program: Designed to organize to impart guidance for 12th grade school students in association with Education Department of Tamil Nadu. About 7000 students take part in this program every year from 2010 and get motivated to choose the appropriate courses with the help of prominent HR specialists and educationists.
  • Rejuvenation Program: MTF Organizes 6 seminars and workshops every year since 2012 with the help of HR specialists, educationists and social workers for the stakeholders of all the programs of the Foundation. It enables them to transform themselves into disciplined citizens with social commitment and to spread universal love as practiced by St. Mother Teresa.
  • New Life Program: Envisioned to inculcate human values combined with character building especially among children and young adults this program is being conducted from 2012 in 50 Schools and Colleges covering about 50,000 students every year.
  • Mother Teresa Health Center: Established in 2016 to address the health needs of the people. We provide modern medical support with love and care mainly to the have not’s with the help of specialists in various fields of medicine. We also organize free medical camps and awareness programs in rural areas regularly and provide medicines free of cost.
  • Counseling Program: Started in 2008 to reach out the vulnerable to enable them to live with dignity and honor by overcoming their personal problems through proper guidance and awareness. They are also given basic aids required for self-employment to overcome their economic constraints.
  • Mother Teresa Joy Home: Established a Home for the elderly people in 2019 on an international standard to help them to lead a happy and peaceful life. The occupants are taken care with love and compassion as expected by them from their children. In addition to basic needs they are also provided adequate medical care regularly.

MTF always strive for an equitable and just society by opening the doors of opportunity for the self-advancement of the poor and the deprived so as to indulge themselves in progressive growth for the society as St. Mother Teresa anticipated.

As MTF marches forward with its partners in its journey towards uplifting the marginalized, it keeps on expanding its horizon of the people it serves.

Profile of Rtn. Dr. AR. Savarimuthu

Rtn. Dr. AR. Savarimuthu is the chairman of Mother Teresa Foundation, a non-profitable organization dedicated towards socio-economic empowerment of the underprivileged irrespective of caste, creed, language and religion.

Born in Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, India in 1969 in an agricultural background and graduated in BA., he rose from humble beginning into a successful self-made entrepreneur practising professional ethics to the core.  He started Man Power Agency, Diary Farm and a borewell company called Lotus Borewells.

During this stint he covered many villages in Tamilnadu which enabled him to get to know about the plight of the rural folk. Appalled by the widespread illiteracy and ignorance about the health care mainly in the rural belts he dedicated himself towards eradication of such generations’ old apathy. This fact has been tormenting him and he therefore has been relentlessly thinking about proper avenues for them to live with honor and dignity.

He believed that what society has given to him has to be given back and therefore channelized the major portion of his profit for the service activities. At the age of 27 he joined Rotary International and held important offices which enabled him to serve the underprivileged and needy people in individual capacity and also in the group of Rotarians.

In view of his inborn quality of being humane with love, care and compassion for others inherited from his parents his conscience prompted him to do more for the poor. The passion he nurtured for the upliftment of the poor and underprivileged from his early adulthood therefore culminated in the formation of Mother Teresa Foundation following the footsteps of St. Mother Teresa at the age of 33.

The Foundation is rooted in love, justice, trust and respect for the dignity of life and spirit of hope for the unwanted, uncared and unloved. It focuses on education and health. His belief in the principle “Give everything and look for no return” is the main philosophy of the organization.

“ Service before self ” made him renounce his personal interests and to serve the society. His unquenched thirst to mitigate the sufferings of those neglected due to socio-economic stigma is the hallmark of his selfless career.

His ‘ never say no ‘ attitude embedded with innocence of a child, maturity of an adult and spiritual sanctity of holy man have endeared himself to thousands in the heartland of Tamil Nadu.

He contends honesty is the sheet-anchor of his life which is meant by the Almighty for the betterment of his brethren. His proper reading of the minds of the people enables him to fathom the inherent emotional feelings of the underserved to nearby accuracy. His success to redress their grievances lies in this rare quality of judgment. His secular credentials, ever sporting broad smiles, thought provoking speeches, modesty with humility, care and compassion sprouting from the bottom of his heart made the beneficiary families to call him affectionately “Daddy” in one voice always.

His main areas of services centre round health and education to benefit mainly women and girls since the formation of the Foundation in 2002. From Children to adults including senior citizens Foundation helps in all the needed areas for their economic empowerment and to lead life with dignity devoid of social harassment.

Providing scholarships, developing personality cult and leadership qualities, promoting self employment, modern quality medical care with love and compassion, proper counseling to the vulnerable, taking care of abandoned aged are the main areas of concentration through various service programs of the Foundation which are meant for the development of the underserved. He is working tirelessly to help thousands of the poorest people to overcome poverty, age old social stigma to lead stress free lives.

A passionate reader always readying himself to acquire knowledge in the literary area he penned book on Life History of St. Mother Teresa called “Ivaruku Nihar Iverae” in Tamil. He is the editor of Tamil monthly magazine “Annaiyin Kural”. He has also released audio CD “Teresanjali” on St. Mother Teresa.

He has been the recipient of many awards in recognition of his services.

  • University of South America conferred Honorary Doctorate Award in 2016.
  • Tamil University, Thanjavur awarded Social Service Award in 2017.
  • Educational and Social Research Organization awarded “ESRO Social Service Award” in 2019.
  • All India Congress Social Organization, New Delhi awarded “Mahatma Gandhi International Peace Award” in 2019.
  • Award of “Meritorious Service” was conferred by Rotary International District 2982 in 2019

He is also honoured with memberships and honors in large number of educational institutions and universities and other NGOs and international service organizations.


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