Anannke Foundation partners with DSGMC for ‘Langar on Wheels’ amid COVID-19 crisis


Anannke Foundation Partners With DSGMC For ‘Langar on Wheels’ Amid COVID-19 Crisis

‘Langar on Wheels’ trucks carrying cooked meals from Gurdwaras in Delhi.

Anannke Foundation will continue supporting DSGMC programs with 10,000 kg of dry white rice every month and make sure no one goes hungry in the national capital Delhi while it fights the corona virus pandemic.

In the program ‘Langar on Wheels’ trucks carrying cooked meals from Gurdwaras in Delhi are parked outside slums, government hospitals, old age homes, shelters, etc. and people queue up to get a free meal for themselves & their families.

‘Langar on Wheels’ is favourable for people who cannot make it to a Gurdwara or don’t have one nearby.

In the fight against the COVID-19, one of the tools is social distancing which is not feasible inside the Gurdwaras hence the food is delivered to people directly while taking necessary precautions, till now DSGMC is been able to feed more than one crore people in Delhi.


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August 31, 2020

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