Warning Signs

Indicators a Child is Being Bullied or at Risk.

  1. Sudden change in school attendance.
  2. Frequent complaints of stomach aches, headaches, loss of appetite, etc. especially before going to school and returning.
  3. Avoids recess.
  4. Declining school work/participation or over investment in academic performance and/or becoming the teacher’s pet.
  5. Has a learning disability or obvious difference from other students.
  6. Appears pre-occupied and has difficulty concentrating.
  7. Insufficient social skills, inadequate self-assertion skills and socially isolated.
  8. Body language reflects low self-esteem or appears physically smaller/ weaker/ clumsier than other students.
  9. Irritates other students.
  10. Passive, withdrawn, overly sensitive.
  11. Displays signs of anxiety.
  12. Displays signs of depression.
  13. Presents injuries/upset with explanations that do not seem to fit.
  14. Talks about running away or suicide.

Warning Signs Indicating a Child is At-Risk for Displaying Bullying Behavior:

  1. Appears to enjoy feeling powerful, in control, dominating, or manipulating classmates.
  2. Equates being powerful and respected with fear.
  3. Skilled at sneaky behavior
  4. Blames others.
  5. Exhibits little compassion.
  6. Frequently on the defensive.
  7. Behaves in defiant and oppositional manner toward adults
  8. Seeks unusual amount of attention and attracts it through negative behavior.
  9. Displays impulsive acts and lack of coping skills.

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