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Bye Bye Bully Malaysia is an anti-bullying t-shirt campaign led by students at SMK Inderapura in Jerantut (Pahang), Malaysia.Bullying is a serious and pervasive problem in Malaysian schools, especially in SMKs (secondary-level low-band government schools). The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness about bullying and spread a message of “No Hate” to students at SMK Inderapura, our community, state, and beyond. The vision is a nation-wide campaign for a bully-free Malaysia.

A social enterprise, the Bye Bye Bully campaign sells red t-shirts with the slogan “8HOИ#.” This slogan serves two purposes: 1) To stir curiosity and create an opportunity to talk about the campaign, and 2) For taking selfie pictures because, when naturally reversed after snapping a photo, the text inverts to spell the message #NOH8 (“No Hate”). Beginning with our school, SMK Inderapura, administration will sign an anti-bully pledge to demonstrate commitment to the cause. Then, schools will designate one day a week as “Bye Bye Bully” day. On this day, students and staff will wear their red t-shirts in solidarity for the cause. Participants can also post selfie pictures galore onto the campaign’s Facebook page, “Bye Bye Bully Malaysia.” The Facebook pagewill attest to the impact of the campaign as well as feature testimonials from students who have been victims of bullying.

*The five student leaders spearheading this campaign recently won Regional Champions for a social enterprise competition sponsored by the US Embassy where they pitched their idea. In the fall, after projects conclude, the top six teams from across Malaysia will be invited to Nationals in Kuala Lumpur to compete for the top prize of full-tuition university scholarships and the chance to interview for exchange in America.

In Malaysia, little bit of money goes a long way (1 USD = 4 Ringgit). Printed t-shirts cost about $2.50 to make, and we will sell them for RM 15. Because our model is a business, we will reinvest profits into practical anti-bullying measures at our school. Crowdfunding will help cover our upfront startup costs of t-shirt printing for 500+ shirts in order to subsidize t-shirt prices for those students who cannot afford to pay. We want every student and teacher to have a t-shirt and be a role model for others to follow. Lack of money shouldn’t be a reason for less-than-100% participation.

No donation is too small! The sky’s the limit for these kids’ project goals and that means the sky’s also the limit for our fundraising capabilities. Bye Bye Bully Malaysia is more than a social enterprise; it is a movement. Will you join us by donating? Help us stand against bullying and spread a message of #NoH8!!!